Your Horoscope for July: Embrace Self-Expression


July brings dynamic shifts across various aspects of your life, Aries. Neptune stations retrograde on July 2, encouraging exploration of your subconscious and spirituality, heightened intuition, and dream life.


Taurus. July begins with Neptune retrograde, prompting a reassessment of friendships and social contributions to distinguish between what's genuine and illusory.


Gemini. Neptune retrograde in your 10th house of career urges a reassessment of authority and career direction.


July's astrology begins with Neptune retrograde, activating your ninth house of belief systems and self-discovery.


Take time to go within and decompress, Leo. July begins with Neptune retrograde in Pisces on July 2, prompting introspection and emotional release.


July is about reassessing the foundation of your connections, Virgo. Neptune retrograde activates your relationship sector, prompting clarity in personal and professional partnerships.


Set an example by being authentically you, Libra. July brings focus to health routines and work environment as Neptune retrograde urges clarity and efficiency.


July promises an inspiring and transformative journey, Scorpio. Neptune retrograde on July 2 encourages deep dives into passion projects, artistic pursuits, and romantic engagements.