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6 Foolproof Techniques For Juicy Burgers Every Time

I really miss the summertime. I miss going to the beach on the spur of the moment, drinking drinks that cause my brain to freeze, and having a sun protection factor that is in the triple digits. Burgers, however, are the thing that I miss the most. The burgers are plump, juicy, and smokey. The sort that can only be brought out of the grill.

On the whole, burgers that are cooked on the stovetop are not comparable. Because there is no smoke and there is nowhere for the beef fat to escape, the meat often ends up boiling in its own juices rather than being seared over a high flame. Burgers that have been grilled have an entirely different taste, wetness, and texture than those that have been grilled.

Foolproof Techniques For Juicy Burgers

Is it obligatory for it to be? Alternately, is it feasible to prepare a delicious burger within the house? Here are some foolproof techniques for juicy burgers:

1. Use a Flat Cast-Iron Pan

Use a Flat Cast-Iron Pan

When it comes to making burgers at home, there are a lot of people who like placing them under the broiler. Deep-frying their burgers is a method that some cooks prefer to use in order to get a surface that is crisp. What is the most efficient approach? According to the recommendation of a chef, you should bring a skillet made of cast iron to a high temperature. Within the span of time that is less than one minute, the crusty sear that you want to get on your burgers will be achieved in the pan.

As a result of the fact that cooking inside, where the temperature is higher, allows for more browning across the whole surface of the meat, I prefer to cook using a flat pan. This is one of the advantages of cooking indoors.

2. Don’t Dimple the Patties (Unless You Like Flat Burgers)

During the course of the summer, we suggested dimpling, which is the process of creating a slight depression in the middle of each patty. In addition, this works well on the grill, because the borders of the burger are also becoming hot and begin to shrink, which causes the center to rise. Your burger, on the other hand, is not going to puff up as much when it is cooked in a pan on the stovetop since there is not going to be a burst of heat coming from below or flames licking up the side. This eliminates the need for dimpling.

If you have a dimple, it will be tough to attract a rare center. It is recommended that you do not dimple the patties if you are aiming for a steakhouse-style burger that is often served rare. anyway, if you would rather have a burger that is flatter, diner-style, and ready to be topped with a mound of toppings, you are free to dimple it anyway you choose.

3. Chill the Patties

Chill the Patties

You want to make sure that your burger patties are cold when they are placed in the pan. The cold fat becomes sticky, which enables a burger patties to maintain their form during the cooking process. However, since the warmth from your hands causes some of the fat to break down when you touch the meat to make the patties, you should cover and refrigerate the patties that you have created for at least twenty minutes before you cook them. A further benefit of this is that it will help avoid the center form cooking too soon.

In terms of safety, it is not a good idea to store raw ground beef at room temperature conditions.

4. Salt Right Before Cooking

In both indoor and outdoor settings, one of the most important guidelines for preparing burgers remains clear. If you salt the burger patties a significant amount of time before cooking them (or even worse, while you are combining the ground beef), you will alter the structure of the meat and cause the proteins to become denatured.

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BuzzTrail's unique web-stories are the cure for boredom you've been waiting for.

The process of salting begins to “cook” the patties. In the event that you were concerned about the burgers dropping flat, they will actually do so with an additional sprinkle of salt before they are ready. Before putting the patties in the pan, you should instead season the burgers with salt and pepper, being sure to season both sides to taste.

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5. Check the Temperature (From the Side)

Check the Temperature (From the Side)

It is tempting to poke the patties from the top when you are checking the temperature of a burger to check for doneness. This is something you should do if you want to get the ideal medium-rare for the middle of the burger, as well as to verify that the meal is safe to consume. On the other hand, not only does this result in an unattractive defect, but it is also not even close to being exact. Utilize a thermometer that provides instantaneous readings and insert the probe from the side for the most accurate results.

This method is going to provide you with a more precise reading than it already did. The sensor that is located on the probe of the thermometer is going to be placed in the middle of the burger, as you are going to make sure,”

What about that scratch? The position of it on the side makes it much less noticeable.

6. “Fake” the Smoke Flavor

Because of this, let’s not try to gloss over the situation. Our enthusiasm for burgers is inspired by the fact that the smoke from the grill lends a particular flavor to each and every bite, and this is especially true during the summer months. Burgers are something that we like to eat because of this particular factor. It is possible to give the burgers the appearance of having been smoked without actually smoking them by seasoning them with smoked salts or smoked paprika.

This will provide the impression that the burgers have been smoked by giving them the appearance of having been smoked. This is due to the fact that it is impossible to perfectly recreate the emotion that one has inside oneself. This is the reason why this occurs.


This blog post is about 6 foolproof ways to make sure your burgers are always juicy. Through this blog, we’ve tried to answer all of your questions and clear up any confusion. However, if you still have questions about this blog, you can get in touch with us or leave a message. Our experts will do their best to answer your questions and give you a correct answer as soon as possible.

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