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7 Veggie Burger Recipes That’ll Shine at Your Next Barbecue

Burgers are an excellent option for gatherings in the backyard as well as weekday meals during the summer throughout the summer. And even though you may believe that a substantial bite is impossible to achieve without the inclusion of meat, we are here to inform you that there are certain vegetarian choices that are really fulfilling. Vegetable burgers, in point of fact, are a breeze to prepare whenever you are in need of a speedy and nutritious dinner, and they are just as satisfactory when they are prepared in advance and kept in the freezer.

You are looking for a few dishes that you can rely on to provide a blast of flavor in each and every mouthful. It is appropriate for you to be here. The first step is to prepare these vegetable patties, which are made from sweet potatoes and lentils that are soft. Although your multicooker will make the procedure simple and effective (it is the device that we turn to for a large number of vegetarian dishes), you can also cook the lentils on the stovetop if that is what you prefer. These burgers, which are topped with crisp coleslaw for an extra-refreshing taste, contribute to the creation of a nutritious dinner that everyone will want to consume again and again.

Veggie Burger Recipes

1. Black Bean Burgers

Black Bean Burgers

In the realm of vegetarianism, a meal that is regarded to be a normal option is a burger that is made with black beans. This is because black beans provide a source of protein. The fact that they are not only inexpensive but also tasty and can be modified to meet a wide range of needs depending on the particulars of the circumstance is another advantage of these foods. Which particular aspect do you consider to be the one that brings you the most pleasure, and to what extent do you agree with that assessment? The amount of time that is available is around twenty minutes, which equals the amount of time that is required to complete the preparation of this meal.

2. Cheesy, Stuffed Portobello Mushroom Burgers

Considering their size, meatiness, and the simplicity with which they can be filled, portobello mushrooms are a good option for usage in burgers. They may be stuffed with a variety of ingredients. One reason why they are an excellent choice is because of this. The consumption of this dish, which asks for Monterey jack cheese, onions, and garlic to be wrapped within pork, is something that we take great pleasure in accomplishing. In order to create a sandwich that is not only very crisp but also extremely refreshing, breading the mushrooms, which adds an extra crunch to the whole burger, and then topping the entire burger with lettuce and pickles results in a sandwich that is incredibly crisp.

3. Veggie Burger

Veggie Burger

If you are interested in cooking a burger that is loaded with a substantial amount of fresh veggies, it is recommended that you investigate a recipe similar to the one included in this article. The taste of fresh corn is enhanced and preserved to its full potential when it is sautéed with mushrooms, onions, and bell peppers that have been cooked together. It is because of this that the experience is more enjoyable. After that, the vegetables are mixed with spinach, breadcrumbs, and potato to create a patty that is exploding with flavor to the fullest extent possible. After the meat has been cooked until it achieves a golden brown hue, the next step is to serve it with yogurt and mint sauce.

4. Vegan Lentil Burgers

The fact that lentils are not only one of the most versatile meals that can be found, but that they are also straightforward to cook, is one of the things that we like most about them. Onions, garlic, and cumin are added to this recipe for a veggie burger, which is boosted by the tasty inclusion of these ingredients. They serve as the basis of this dish. A crunchier texture is achieved by the use of chopped walnuts and spinach, while the wonderful bread crumbs serve the purpose of ensuring that everything remains cohesive. You may serve this dish with roasted red peppers or arugula that has a taste that is tart.

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5. Double Patty Veggie Burger

Double Patty Veggie Burger

Do you ever find yourself wondering whether the fast food restaurants that you are most fond of are the only ones that provide a sauce that is unique? Make a change of heart! In order to give the meal an extra punch of flavor, this recipe for a double-patty veggie burger calls for a delicious sauce to be used. Using a combination of brown rice, black beans, and beets, powerful patties are created. These patties are then covered in a tasty sauce, resulting in a burger that is on par with the best fast food businesses. If you want to make the recipe fully vegetarian, you may leave out the Worcestershire sauce; the patties would still be delicious even if you did not include it.

6. Curried Potato Veggie Burgers

These burgers, which are modeled by the spices that are used in traditional Samosas, are made using ingredients such as cumin, ginger, chile pepper, and Madras curry. These burgers are inspired by the traditional Samosas. A patty that is bursting with complex flavors is the end result of this process. The texture and bite of vegetables that have been finely chopped are available to the consumer. In the case that the burger did not have enough flavor, the tamarind ketchup provides a flavor that is both sweet and sour, which is likely to provide an even larger kick than the original flavor.

7. Grilled Curried Pumpkin Burgers with Cucumber and Mint Raita

Grilled Curried Pumpkin Burgers with Cucumber and Mint Raita

If you are searching for a way to change the tastes that are often associated with veggie burgers, you owe it to yourself to give this recipe a try. In this dish, sweet pumpkin is combined with savory curry, and it is one that you should definitely strive to make. The heavy burgers are first mixed with chickpeas and pumpkin puree before being seasoned with these spices. This is done before being seasoned. In order to complete the procedure, components such as ginger and garam masala are used. In order to complete everything, right before it is supposed to be served, a mint raita that is both spicy and creamy should be added as the finishing touch.


Throughout this article, we have spoken about seven veggie burgers that are sure to be a hit at your next barbecue. Through the use of this blog, we have made an effort to answer all of the questions and concerns that individuals have. You are welcome to get in touch with us or share your thoughts with us in the comments section if you continue to have any questions or concerns about this site. Our specialists will make every effort to address your concerns and will give you with a solution that is appropriate and correct as quickly as they can.

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